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Author Brad Cameron


High praise for The Serpent's Ship

 I read the latest book in the Zeke Proper Chronicles: The Serpent's Ship, at one sitting - I couldn't put it down! As a high school librarian I read a lot of YA fiction and this fantasy has it all: Adventure, mystery, and murder! The Serpent's Ship takes us back to Alder Cove with Zeke, his brother Devon, and his cousin Taylre. Zeke is starting high school this year and is out running early the first morning of school when he literally runs into a new teacher out in the woods. Zeke ends up having Mr. Loden as both a teacher and a cross-country running coach. Mr. Loden seems friendly at first, but there's something about him that is a little off: he has a definite mean streak. You won't believe what is happening this time in Alder Cove! Don't read this book if you don't love a good read.


5 stars for The Serpent's Ship!


Ann Sindelar-Trahin, MS EdML

Beaverton School District Libraries Coordinator

An unforgettable adventure!

Within the pages of The Serpent's Ship lie an unforgettable adventure brimming with vivid images that seem to come to life on the page. Brad Cameron has included spine-chilling action delivering bravery in the face of impossible odds, enchantment, and shear satisfaction.


I can't wait for Book Three! I gotta see what happens next.


Loni Thompson, MS. CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist and Reading Coach

I finished it virtually overnight! Praise for Odin's Light, Book One of the Zeke Proper Chronicles.

 Typically I am not a fan of Young Adult Lit. I often find them to be over telling and poorly written, borderline corny. This is not the case with "Zeke Proper and the Sacrifice at Alder Cove". The novel opens with a prologue exposing the rumors and secrets of the small coastal town an hour and a half south of Halifax. As the mystery unfolds, we are introduced to fabulous characters. My favorite: Taylre. She is spunky, enthusiastic, and totally geeky. I immediately wanted to reach my arms into the novel and give her a giant hug. Zeke himself is clever and brave, albeit at times a bit foolhardy. Nevertheless, Taylre and his younger brother Devon bring him back to clearer thinking.

At times the description gets a little gruesome, perhaps a little much for the lower end of the age spectrum of the intended audience. However, the characters uncovering the truth behind the town is the true driving force. Moreover, the climax had me biting my lip in anticipation, almost yelling at the characters to, "Hurry up!"

The book is addicting. I finished it virtually overnight. The writing is good with quality description and realistic geeky teen dialogue. You dislike the bad characters and fall in love with the good. All in all, it was a satisfying read, and I am excited for the sequel.


Golda - High School English Teacher


More reviews for Odin's Light from Amazon readers


 Taylre is my favorite, April 5, 2012

This review is from: Odin's Light (The Zeke Proper Chronicles) (Kindle Edition)

I would have to say that Taylre is my favorite character in Brad Cameron's debut novel, Odin's Light. She's spunky with a lot of life and enthusiasm. Definitely someone I can connect with. Cameron's writing is very descriptive and easy to follow. He weaves a story that is both fun and exciting.


Thumbs up for Odin's Light!, April 4, 2012

This review is from: Odin's Light (The Zeke Proper Chronicles) (Kindle Edition)

As a high school librarian, I read a lot of YA fiction and this fantasy has it all: adventure, mystery and murder! I can't wait for the sequel!


Corey Ross 
This review is from: Odin's Light (The Zeke Proper Chronicles) (Kindle Edition)

Cameron is a great storyteller and a master of description. He really brings all his characters to life and knows how to keep you wanting more. I can't wait for the next book.


One for the mystery lovers!, March 29, 2012

This review is from: Odin's Light (The Zeke Proper Chronicles) (Kindle Edition)

Did you grow up on Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys or (insert name of favorite kid detective here)? Then you gotta get a load of Zeke, Devon, and Taylre! The town of Alder Cove has some major supernatural secrets and these kids are out to solve the mystery! Little do they know how deep into their own families these secrets run and how deep into the Norse pantheon those secrets delve. Look out Alder Cove! Here comes The Three Investigators for the next generation!





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