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In the life of a writer, sometimes lots of things happen all at once, and
sometimes, nothing happens at all. Here is my mini blog: Everything I can write
when I have a free minute. Check out my blog, The Young Adult Guide to Norse Mythology, where I write about my books and have guest authors.

"The Wild West Motorcycle

So far it has been an amazing summer as the life of a school teacher and writer proves itself to be the best gig around. Because of the extended time that I have off from work I decided to take a road trip on my motercycle, a trip that I've affectionately dubbed the Wild West Motorcycle tour. It all began on Thursday July 5th as I loaded up my books and gear in my saddlebags and hopped on my bike riding north 173 miles to
SeaTac and the beautiful Double Tree Hilton. Here was the site of Westercon and
three days of signing and selling books with my writing buddies from NIWA. On
Sunday, July 8th, as the conference came to a close, I once again hopped on my
bike with all my gear and headed NW to the quaint town of Winthrop, WA., a 198
mile trek through some of the most beautiful mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and
winding roads that I was to experience on the trip. I stayed at a little RV
park just behind the town where I was able to set up my one man tent and
sleeping bag for just ten bucks. After my camp was ready I hiked the three
blocks into town, a place that reminds me of a remnant from the old west. The
streets were narrow, the sidewalks all wooden, and the business facades seemed
to take me back a hundred and fifty years to a time when cowboys strode into
town with spurs a'clinkin'.


In town I found a great little brew pub that made their own beer, had knarled wooden benches, and a lumber covered patio that overlooked a swiftly flowing river. I sat outside as the weather was quite warm and sampled some of the best IPA's that I'd had in a long time. As I was enjoying the rushing sound of water below me two gentlemen walked in, both of them exhibiting the same weary look that I had seen on my own face after a long day riding on a motorcycle battling the elements. One of them, Rob, happened to be from Calgary, AB. It turned out that he and I had a lot in
common: he lived in an neighborhood called Bonavista, a place that I used to
call home some 38 years ago. His buddy's name was Les, a seasoned Harley rider
from Winnepeg. We enjoyed one another's company for as long as the proprietor
would let us. Interestingly enough, the whole town shut down by nine o'clock.
It was time to head back to my camp and bed down for the night.


I woke early the next morning to the sound of shuffling feet outside my tent. I poked my head outside to find a Doe feeding on the grass about ten feet away. She looked up once, was unimpressed, and went back to feeding. I quickly gathered my supplies and rode into town for a large cup o' Joe and a bran muffin. I was off for another day
of riding. It was now Monday, July 10th, and I found myself in the wee morning hours getting gas in Omak, WA, when who should I come across but Rob and Les who were both filling up their Harleys for the long day of riding. We talked briefly and I was encouraged to change my course of travel and head a short way north and then west on Hwy 20. I found this to be a much better route as it kept me in Washington State and avoided Canada for a time.


I rode by myself for 161 miles to Colville, WA and lunched at a cool little bar when who should walk in, but Rob and Les. Seems we were destined to ride together, at least for a short time. After lunch the three of us rode the next 109 miles on Washington Hwy 20 into Sandpoint, Idaho. Along the way we came across several deer, a couple of them standing in the middle of the road. Interestingly enough, there were several signs annoucing the byway to be a "Heavy Kill zone". I'm assuming that was referring to the deer and not the motorcyclers.


In Sandpoint I parted ways with Rob and Les. They continued east on Hwy 200 to Missoula. I headed north past Bonners Ferry and bedded down for the night in a very out of the way place called Eastport, a blink in the road that was about 4 miles from the Canadian border.  

The Canadian Connection

The mosquitoes were vicious. I found myself in an RV park that was privately owned
and very welll maintained, however, I was the only occupant, except for the
bugs. The problem was that as far as insects go I was the only restaurant in
town; they fed on me like wolves on a crippled muskox. I tried, in the quiet of
the lone evening, to read the last few chapters of Pride and Prejudice at the
picnic table but had to quickly retreat to the safety of my one man tent for
shelter. It had been a long day of riding, so nodding off to sleep was
inevitible. I was out by eight o'clock, no doubt scaring the mosquitoes away
with my snoring.


On Tuesday, July 10th, after what seemed like a dreamless period of
unconsciousness, I again woke early (although exactly how early I had no idea;
there was no cell phone coverage and hence no clock for me to look at) and
enjoyed a hot shower in one of the facility's private bathrooms. I was soon
back on the road and cruising through a very quiet Canadian border heading
north to Cranbrook, B.C. To my delight I found a Denny's in town and bellied up
to the counter for a stack of pancakes. Just past Cranbrook I turned east on
Hwy 3, known also as the Crows Nest Pass. This is a beautiful road with several
twists and turns and changes in elevation. It also takes you through some
incredible historic areas like Frank Slide › Alberta HistoryFrank Slide. A sobering location that illustrates the power of nature.


I remained steady on the hwy and made my way into Pincher Creek, Alberta where I gassed up and took a moment to stretch and rehydrate. So far the days had been hot. I left Hillsboro with the temperature in the 90's, it remained the same even in


I rode the final leg of my day's journey into Cardston, Alberta where my parents live. Though I knew approximately where their house was, I wasn't completely sure. I know, that sounds bad, but this was a house my folks had built and moved into about four years ago. I hadn't been to see them during that time. I guess you could say
that personal visits in our family is not exactly priority. Nevertheless, as I
was riding in on Hwy 5 out of Waterton Park, I noted a small blue sign reading:
"Golf Course - 2 Km". I knew they lived near a golf course, my dad
had talked about his walks and runs around the place, so I turned, hoping I'd
find some clue to their present location. Sure enough, as I continued almost
the entire 2 Km I saw a small grouping of newer homes, one of them with a
widened driveway where my dad's old pickup was parked, like a ancient sign of
welcome. I dismounted in the shade of the garage and walked, unannounced,
through the back door. My mom was at the sink washing dishes, my dad sat
beneath a lamp in the corner of the livingroom reading. Their surprise was tempered
only by the barking of the dog and by my nonchalant greeting, as if I'd just
walked from the next door neighbors hoping to borrow a cup of sugar...more to


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