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Author of The Zeke Proper Chronicles:

Book One: Odin's Light

Book Two: The Serpent's Ship

Book Three: Gates of Asgard


"Writing a book is the art of listening to oneself"

-Brad Cameron

Weave your way through the streets of Alder Cove as Zeke discovers just how close a connection he has with the Mist and the World of the Norse Gods.

Odin's Light


Book One in the Zeke Proper Chronicles

Available through CreateSpace, Amazon and many other fine book distributors.


Odin's Light is available on Kindle and Nook


The amazing art work on the cover of the book was done by my son, Corey. I truly appreciate his talent. He has vision far beyond my expectations.


Odin's Light: A brief synopsis-

"Hold the Stones high, let their light shine, and live!”

Zeke and his little brother, Devon, are in a monstrous amount of trouble.  The devious figure who is responsible for it all is Loki, the mischievous trickster god of Norse myth and greatest enemy of the All Father, Odin


After being summoned by the ancient inhabitants of Alder Cove, Loki sends his daughter the Korrigan, a hideous monster who inhabits the cold, dark waters of the Stick River.  Prosperity and great riches follow its summoners.


But now, after many years of clandestine violence, Zeke and Devon stumble upon its lair and its hissen secrets, unveiling a horrid past of deceit, black magic, and murder.


Only Odin's light can save them!

The Serpent's Ship


Book Two in the Zeke Proper Chronicles

Available through CreateSpace, Amazon, and many other fine book distributors.


The Serpent's Ship is available on Kindle and Nook


Again, the amazing art work on the cover of the book was done by my son, Corey and just recently won an award for "The Best Book Cover in Town" through Once Upon a Time Marketing.


The Serpent's Ship: A brief synopsis-


Zeke's confidence is high after defeating the Korrigan.  The stones once touched by the hand of Odin held power beyond his imagination, their light penetrating the darkness and ending the curse that threatened a small town.


But now, there is a new threat.  Evil as dark as night has wrapped Alder Cove in its clutches.  Zeke must now find new strength and courage to battle a fallen god, a remnant of Norse myth, a demon from the past brought to the present.


This entity seeks to destroy Zeke, exact its vengeance for the death of its daugher, and finally, set in motion Ragnarok-the destruction of the gods at the gates of Asgard.

The Gates of Asgard

Book Three of The Zeke Proper Chronicles

Available through CreateSpace, Amazon, and many other fine book distributors.

The Gates of Asgard is available on Kindle and Nook

Artwork and illustrations by Corey Cameron

The Gates of Asgard: A brief synopsis-

“Nidhogg! Wake! Wake, wise serpent of Niflheim!”

Zeke’s death at the hands of Loki was imminent until the beautiful Valkyrie, Shaker, intervened. But her dire words of warning have haunted him:

“You must try harder, Zeke. You have strengths that you know not of. Work with them. Practice them. If you don’t, you will remain weak, and your cousin, Taylre, will perish. It is up to you.”

After Taylre is kidnapped by Loki and taken into the Mist on the dreaded ship, Naglfar, Zeke begins to plan her rescue. Along with the Captain and Devon, Zeke ventures to the Cabin in the Woods. There they find the seeress, Sinmora, who leads them through a Seidh, a mystic Norse séance filled with magic and enchantment.

From there the adventure begins, a quest filled with more peril than Zeke and his tiny group of followers could have ever imagined.

Exploring amongst the branches of Yggdrasil and shifting between the nine worlds, Zeke must build his strength and practice courage if he is ever going to save Taylre from the dreadful grip of Loki at the Gates of Asgard.


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Book signings as well as other events are starting to arise. Here is a list of some of the ones that are coming up:


April 4, 2015: Cedar Hills Rec Center
May 16, 2015: Must See Oregon in Silverton
June 20-21, 2015: Fairy Blossom Festival in Chahalis, WA
July 17-18, 2015: Robin Hood Festival in Sherwood, OR
November 7, 2015: Mt. View Middle School Holiday Bazaar
November 20-22, 2015: Orycon at the Portland Marriot Hotel
Come and see me at any of these events to get your copies signed!


The Zeke Proper Chronicles: Book One - Odin's Light find it in paperback and on e-book HERE


The Zeke Proper Chronicles: Book Two - The Serpent's Ship find it in paperback and on e-book HERE


The Zeke Proper Chronicles: Book Three -  The Gates of Asgard find it in paperback and on e-book HERE


Look for all three on Amazon and Createspace. Available in paperback, Kindle, and Nook.

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